Our mead is handcrafted in West Cork in our family run meadery in Barrack Lane in Kinsale, the first Irish meadery in 200 years.

Wild Red Mead

A refreshing melomel-style mead made from tart Wexford blackcurrants beautifully balanced with dark cherries, tempered with a hint of honey. Matured for at least 18 months in our tanks for a silky smooth finish.

12% ABV and off-dry.

Our blackcurrants come from Ballykelly farm in Wexford. They are pollinated by bumblebees so Des leaves piles of dry sticks and leaves in the corners for the bumblebees’ nests.

We use Wexford blackcurrants beautifully balanced with the dark cherries, tempered over the hint of honey and matured to a silky smooth finish.

Each batch is mixed, fermented and matured with care and passion and attention to quality and sustainability. We use pure honey, local water and yeast as well as carefully sourced fruits in our authentic meads. We don’t use a white wine base and no sugar is added. Naturally Gluten Free.

Serve: It is delicious served at room temperature on its own or with food.

Food Pairing; Our go-to dish for Wild Red Mead is sticky barbecue ribs. Put a dash in the marinade and drizzle with honey! Great with Italian dishes with a rich tomato sauce or with medieval feast dishes such as roast duck or venison, sausages and black pudding. Lovely with strong cheeses or good quality chocolates. We love it with Chocolate brownies too.

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