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Discover the world's oldest alcohol made in Ireland's first meadery in 200 years

What is Mead?

Mead (Miodh in Irish) is the world's oldest alcoholic drink, unique in that its primary ingredient is honey but also incredibly diverse - it can range from dry to very sweet, which may surprise you when you think of pure honey as its main ingredient. Our award-winning meads are judged as among the best in the world, full of delicious flavours, embodying the modern, refined style of mead making, refreshingly different and versatile.
Handcrafted in County Cork

What is Mead

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The Oldest Alcohol in the World

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We founded Kinsale Mead Co in 2016 to rediscover the ancient art of mead making and to create world-class range of delicious, refreshing meads. We lovingly hand-craft each batch sustainably, with care and passion and source the best natural ingredients.

Welcome to our family run meadery in Kinsale, Co Cork. We're within range of the salty air and a short walk from the harbour and town centre. Learn how we make our mead, about its rich and diverse history, the wonderful world of honey and bees and sample some of our award-winning meads.

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