Tanks Arrive at Kinsale MeaderyIt’s 4 years since we started our first batch of mead in our newly minted Meadery in Kinsale with a lot of risks and unknowns ahead of us.

Unloading and moving in our super shiny Speidel stainless steel tanks was definitely the scariest day that month. Check out the height of the tall tanks versus the width of the roller shutter door. There’s inches to spare. Oh the tension!

Tank coming in the meadery door

We got a fork lift and a forklift driver, our workhorse blue pallet stacker and some strong helpers to raise the meadery tanks and put them all in place. Hint: Tanks are taller on the diagonal than when 100% vertical. Look out meadery lights! Super tall ladders, tape measure, hard hats, Hi Vis, lots of cups of tea.

We took a time lapse video we’ll have to share with you sometime. We still get the shivers watching it.

Raising the Tanks

We celebrated long into the night once they were all standing upright and in the right place. (That’s Kate with her shiny babies ).

Kate and new tanks

Of course that was just the start of a lot of risk taking and hard work with lots of tricky times and celebrations to creating our range of award winning meads. We still have so much more to learn and hopefully more great days ahead.

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