Mead Food Pairing

While a glass of mead by itself is delicious, you can take your mead tasting to the next level by knowing what food it goes best with. Much like different types of wine or liqueurs, different meads go better with different types of food.

Atlantic Dry Mead

Lovely with salty snacks such as olives, roasted nuts, seafood or artisan crisps. Pour a dash in a fresh shucked oyster. For desserts, it’s lovely raspberry and white chocolate sponge, poached fruit such as plums or nectarines or goats cheese.

Wild Red Mead

Delicious when paired with food such as a rich Italian pasta dishes, tapas, roast duck or West Cork black pudding. Fantastic with barbecue food such as sticky ribs or artisan sausages. Try it with a good quality chocolate or chocolate brownies too.

Hazy Summer Mead

Lovely with spicy chicken wings, mild curries and fresh salads with a raspberry vinaigrette, grilled salmon. For dessert try it with berry pavlova or cheesecake or with blue cheese. As it has a cranberry flavour, try it with roast turkey or honey glazed ham.

Irish Wildflower Mead

This semi-sweet mead shines with food such as Feta-style goat’s cheese, honeyed baklava almond or creme brulee. A fantastic after dinner drink.

Wild Red Mead - Merlot Barrel Aged

This mead shines with food such as meat or mushroom pâté on thin cut toast, Prosciutto or Palma ham or artisan mini sausages or chipolatas.

It is robust enough to pair with Rack of Lamb with rosemary or grilled steak with a pepper sauce.

Atlantic Dry Mead - Sauternes Barrel Aged

This mead shines with food such as almond or lemon tart or drizzle cake or a light baked cheesecake. For savoury pairings try mature cheeses or a buttery, herb-roasted chicken dish.

Atlantic Dry Mead – White Port Barrel Aged

A lightly chilled glass shines with food such as smoked salmon or a salmon mousse with crostini. Ideal with sushi or sashimi. For a sweet finish try with vanilla fairy cakes or almond and hazelnut Germanic biscuits.