We are thrilled with our awards from the 2022 Mazer Cup (World Cup of Mead), held annually in the USA. Judged by many of the best mead makers in the world, it is a celebration of the best meads from around the world. This year the mead judges met in Kansas City.

Our Wild Red Mead was awarded the Gold Medal in its class and our Atlantic Dry Mead won the Bronze medal. We are coming up on 5 years since we sold our first bottles of Kinsale Mead its been a roller coaster ride so it’s a lovely boost to get this kind of recognition for the care and hard work we put in to make the best possible Irish Meads here in Kinsale in West Cork.

There’s a certain pressure being Ireland’s first meadery in 200 years to re-create and re-imagine this wonderful drink from our Celtic past so that it’s a celebration of our heritage, our craft and the honey produced by those most amazing honey bees 🐝