Mead at the Old Head of KinsaleWe are often asked how to store mead and how long it lasts unopened and also once opened.

How long does my Bottle of Mead last unopened?

  • Store the bottles similar to wine, upright in a cool place away from direct sunlight and they should keep for at least a  year. The miniatures in our Mead Gift Set though we recommend drinking within 6 months.

How long does my bottle of Mead last after opening?

  • Once opened, store the bottles upright in the fridge. If you have one of those vacuum pump wine bottle closures that pump out the oxygen, all the better. After that the flavour starts to change a little as the air gets to it. The Atlantic Dry Mead starts to change in flavour after 7 days. The Wild Red Mead and the Hazy Summer Mead are fine for 2 weeks as there are more natural preservatives from the skins. Then they become more port-like. Good to drink still or use in cocktails or cooking. The Wildflower Mead keeps longer than the others once you keep it in the fridge as it’s semi-sweet. Up to 4 weeks if there’s any left by then. Similar for the Limited Edition Barrel Aged Meads.