Hazy Summer Mead PourWe’re often asked how to serve our mead. Our Hazy Summer Mead is similar to a fruity red wine from the Gamay grape such as Beaujolais because of the carbonic maceration process we use with the fruit (getting geeky here!) gently pressing so the skins are more or less intact and the fermentation starts inside the berries.

Serving at high temperatures encourage the alcohol to dominate the flavours, making it heavy. So our fruity Hazy Summer Mead is best served at around 11–15°C, chilled lightly. You can pour it over ice. Or try adding frozen berries which keep your drink cold without diluting as they melt.

And while we’re about it, serve in a glass where the top curves slightly inward so that the lovely fruit and honey aromas are concentrated in the middle where your nose goes when you’re drinking. And aromas affect the how your drink tastes. Just a little bit of science. We use a stemless wine glass or tumbler.