Kinsale Irish Wildflower MeadKinsale Wildflower Irish Mead (11% ABV) will transport you to the West Cork countryside with one sip. The unique aromas and flavours are from 100% Irish honey. Our honeybees roam and forage the hedgerows and blossoms, pollinating and collecting the nectar from hawthorn, wild clover and white blackberry blossom.Denis and Paul Kelly Beekeeper
Crafting our Irish Wildflower Mead is a precise process to achieve that perfect soft sweetness. Our journey starts with precious raw honey from the Chanting Bee Apiary owned by the legendary beekeeper and musician, Paul Kelly in Ring in West Cork. Taking the honey harvested at the end of the summer, we ferment the mead at our meadery in Kinsale, letting it mature until it finishes smooth and silky.

Irish Wildflower Mead Bottling

This elegant mead is a true expression of a traditional Irish, handcrafted, semi-sweet mead. Pale gold in colour, delicate in its finish, it is best served on its own lightly chilled allowing the soft honeyed notes to linger.

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