John Torode's Ireland Kinsale Mead

We’re TV stars. John Torode’s Ireland, a six-part, foodie voyage of discovery is airing now on RTE2. In Episode 4, Friday 21st July at 7.35pm, this celebrity chef, well known from the popular Masterchef TV series, finally gets to tour, taste and cook in Kinsale.

“You Irish, honestly, you’re really good at making booze, aren’t you?”

“We were excited to have John visit us and to learn about this beautiful drink and of course, taste it. We had a great afternoon introducing John to mead, this ancient drink made in our modern meadery from honey, water and yeast and berries. Great mead is all about great honey, and John sampled honeys from different sources including the orange blossom honey we use to make Atlantic Dry Mead.

They finished up tasting a range of honey, berry and barrel aged meads, enthusiastically received by John.

About the Atlantic Dry Mead John said, “I’ve go to say, I think that’s delicious…It’s slightly sharp rather than being very fruity. And then there’s that lovely, sweet honey that comes in the background as well. Amazing.”

And the Wild Red Mead he said “That would make amazing sorbet – that would be fantastic. I may have to take a few bottles of this back with me.”

John Torode’s Ireland is broadcast supported by Tourism Ireland and broadcast in Ireland and the UK. What better reason do you need to visit and discover the flavours and passion of this beautiful country?