The compleat meadmaker Ken Schramm

The Complete Guide to Making Mead – Steve Piatz – great visual book for starting off home mead making. Our copy in the meadery is full of notes made when we were starting out our test batches.

Mead making book by Ken Schramm

The Complete MeadMaker – Ken Schramm – This is the bible of mead making, a little out dated perhaps but full of wisdom and thinking. He makes what must be the most expensive bottles of mead in the world, generally accepted as the godfather of modern mead.

Robert Ratliff has 2 great books of recipes for home meadmakers and he also graced us with his presence at our launch in 2017 so we’re great fans! The Big Book of Mead recipes and Let There be Melomels.

If you can get a copy of Chrissie’s book on mead and food pairing and cooking, it’s a great read.

You can buy these all on Amazon or try and order in your local bookshop.

Online Resources:

AMMA (American Mead Makers Association) Facebook group – well worth joining. Great source for feedback and opinions (!)

Modern Mead Makers (Facebook group) – more skewed to home brewers but loads of knowledge and open to helping anyone who asks.

European Mead Makers association (Official) – Meadmakers from all over Europe. Interesting to contrast the themes here with the more North American groups. – All kinds of mead blogs including podcasts, radio station – A fantastic resource.

HomeBrew shops (to get all your mead making stuff): (Dutch)