We know how mead is a great traditional gift for newlyweds. Both now and way way back along. We found a very early reference in the archives in a place called Kinsalebeg, Co Waterford near Youghal, Co Cork.

Juliana FitzGerald married Thomas de Clare in February 1275. They were both from wealthy Norman families so this was a marriage of power and land. We believe she was the daughter of Maurice Fitzmaurice FitzGerald 3rd Baron of Offaly and Maud de Prendergast. Thomas was Lord of Inchiquin and Youghal and later Lord of Thomond. He was son of Richard de Clare, 5th Earl of Hertford, 6th Earl of Gloucester (circa 1222 to 1262) and his wife Maud de Lacy.

But what piqued our interest was the wedding dowry that Juliana brought with her. These included:

  • an Eastern perfume set,
  • six milking Kerry Blue cows,
  • a Viking drinking horn set,
  • a piggery in Rhincrew,
  • a set of Pilltown pottery,
  • a ton of flour
  • ten gallons of mead

Also the whole town of Youghal!

Thomas de Clare and his wife Juliana renovated and lived at Bunratty Castle in Co Clare.