We’re very excited to introduce our two newest meads, Wild Forest Honey Mead and Dark Forest Honey Mead, aged in whiskey casks from Midleton Distillery. This is the very first time a mead has been aged in Irish whiskey casks! Both are semi-sweet, gorgeous traditional meads fermented from a dark, intense Forest honey from Galicia in Northern Spain. Both casks have been seasoned with single pot still Irish whiskey.

dark forest honey mead, aged in american oak whiskey casks from midleton distillery

Naturally Gluten Free. Low in sulfites. 70cl bottle.

Wild Forest Honey Mead (12% ABV)

Aged in very special Irish Oak Whiskey casks, we are thrilled with the final flavours of this very special limited edition release. Lush and honeyed, finished semi sweet with the whiskey tingle very much present, floral and toffee notes, some spice and lingering orchard fruits.

Dark Forest Honey Mead (12% ABV)

Aged in carefully selected American oak Whiskey casks, it’s finished semi sweet with enticing whiskey aromas, baked apple, coconut and vanilla notes, lingering peach and vanilla finish.

How does one serve a whiskey cask-aged mead? 

Just like mead, your standard serve is 125ml, like a small glass of wine. Best served neat, or with a single ice-cube, depending on your preference. Lightly chilled in a stemless wine glass or curved whiskey tumbler to concentrate the aromas.