We were delighted to welcome celebrity chef Neven Maguire to Kinsale to film ‘Neven’s Irish Seafood Trails’ last autumn 2021 and the episode aired on RTE One Wednesday February 2nd at 8:30pm. We had such a great reaction from everyone.

Neven Maguire filming with Kate and Denis from Kinsale Mead

We thoroughly enjoyed showing Neven and his film crew around Kinsale and the meadery. We gave them a mead and honey tasting, showing our latest batch of Hazy Summer Mead, which was fermenting vigorously and telling Neven all about the fascinating history of mead and the importance of the honey and looking after the bees. We finished off the day filming at the harbour with a delicious locally sourced seafood platter from Rare 1784 in The Blue Haven, Kinsale.

Kate told Neven how mead is the oldest known alcoholic drink in the world, dating back to 6,500 BC and treats him to a tasting session. 

It was great to see Neven enjoying our meads. First he sampled the Kinsale Wild Red Mead, flavoured with Irish Wexford blackcurrants and dark cherries, the perfect accompaniment to monkfish, describing it as having a ‘nice acidity, not too sweet’ Next, he tried Atlantic Dry Mead made with orange blossom honey – a good pairing for oysters; and Atlantic Dry Mead White Port Barrel Aged, which goes well with smoked salmon, sashimi or white fish, commenting ‘very elegant’; and finally Kinsale Wildflower Irish Mead, a semi-sweet dessert mead which is a good match for any seafood cooked in a creamy sauce.

You can always catch the episode on the RTE Player if you missed it, to see Neven’s favourite mead and see what seafood delights he whips up to pair with our tasty meads!