We were absolutely delighted to be on NOS Nieuws on Netherlands Public radio! We spoke with Arjen van der Horst about the ancient history around “Mede” or Mead made from Honey.

We also want to say a massive thank you for all the Dutch support over the last week, we really appreciate it! Dank Je wel!

“Drink lovers are increasingly interested in small, regional drinks rather than the big commercial brands. Today it is on the shelves of hundreds of supermarkets and liquor stores. Kate and Denis Dempsey have won several international awards. In 2022, the Irish Association of Food Critics named their brew ‘Drink of the Year’. According to a culinary journalist mead now at home in the list of classic Irish drinks: Guinness, Baileys, whiskey and mead. The elite status of mead has also been restored.”

Listen here in Dutch:

Full article in English here

We used to live in Nijmegen many years ago so we also did a quick post in our rusty Dutch on Instagram.