Handcrafted in County Cork

Our mead is handcrafted in West Cork in our family run meadery in Barrack Lane in Kinsale. Each batch is mixed, fermented and matured with care and passion and attention to quality and sustainability. As is traditional, we use pure honey, local water and yeast as well as carefully sourced fruits in our authentic meads. We don't use a white wine base and no sugar is added. Naturally Gluten Free.

Atlantic Dry Mead

A traditional mead, made from raw Spanish orange blossom honey, fermented and matured to finish at 12% ABV, off dry with lovely floral, citrus aroma, a long lingering hint of honey and almost no sweetness.

This was the first mead we made back in 2017. Each batch of mead tastes slightly different because each batch of honey tastes slightly different. No one can tell the bees where to go so although most bees will have foraged  in the orange groves, some bees will have taken nectar from other flowers in nearby fields and hedges. Bees will forage up to 4 miles away for a good source of nectar.

Wild Red Mead

A refreshing melomel-style mead made from tart Wexford blackcurrants beautifully balanced with dark cherries, tempered with a hint of honey. Matured for 18 months in our tanks until silky smooth with soft tannins. 12% ABV and off-dry.

Our blackcurrants come from Ballykelly farm in Wexford. They are pollinated by bumblebees so Des leaves piles of dry sticks and leaves in the corners for the bumblebees’ nests.

Did you know? Cherry mead is sometimes called Blood Mead or Viking Blood Mead?

Hazy Summer Mead

A light, fruity, melomel-style mead, a six berry celebration of long summer days. Honey muddled with a tumble of ripe summer berries. Strawberry and raspberry aromas with a beautiful rich pink colour. 11% ABV.

Then blackberries, blackcurrants and cherries on the palate and blueberries and forest honey on the finish. It’s a glass full of summer. If you add frozen berries, they will keep your drink cool while not diluting your mead. Bonus, you can eat the berries afterwards too.

Kinsale Mead Gift Set

A beautifully designed tasting set of Kinsale Mead, a mead for every occasion. An ideal present, souvenir or treat for the foodie in your life. Mead curious? This is a fantastic introduction.

A tasting trio of our meads in miniature bottles presented in an illustrated gift box. Includes tasting notes for each mead and a short history of mead in Ireland. Magnet opening with illustrations by local artist, Fiona Boniwell from our Mead Map, Tales of Mead and Honey Poster. Redesigned in 2023 to remove the plastic and reduce packaging by 38% as part of our sustainability steps.

Contains 3 x50ml dinky miniature bottles, Atlantic Dry Mead, Wild Red Mead and Hazy Summer Mead. 11% to 12% ABV.

Limited Edition Meads

Wild Red Mead - Merlot Barrel Aged

A gorgeous 3 year-old berry mead fermented off dry and silky smooth and matured for 12 months in Merlot French oak wine barrels to add intriguing structure and depth.

This mead won Drink of the Year from the Irish Food Writers’ Guild!

An exceptional, unique mead, a lively, attractive drink with a decadent richness. The barrels come from two of the Wild Geese wineries in Bordeaux. We plan at some point to take a bottle over to Bordeaux and show them what mead tastes like from their barrels. Soon, soon.

Atlantic Dry Mead - Sauternes Barrel Aged

A gorgeous 3-year-old traditional mead fermented from orange blossom honey, finished dry, crisp and honeyed, matured for the last 12 months in an oak wine barrel.

The mead soaks through the barrel charring and into the French oak bringing back vanilla and caramel flavours as well as the flavours of the Sauternes that was in there before. Floral and almond aromas and a bright dry finish. Serve lightly chilled.

Atlantic Dry Mead - White Port Barrel Aged

A unique 3-year-old traditional mead fermented from orange blossom honey, finished crisp and honeyed, matured for the last 12 months in a oak port barrel. Enjoy this delectable, dry mead lightly chilled.

Subtle with delicate citrus on the nose, spicy on the palate, lots of honey and amaretto with oak, smooth, stone fruit character and nuttiness resonating on the palate.

The port barrels came in to the meadery with some port still left inside. We had to drain this before refilling with the mead. So of course, we had to drink the port – it was super cloudy but absolutely delicious. Research!

Wild Forest Honey Mead aged in Whiskey Casks from Midleton Distillery

a gorgeous traditional mead fermented from a dark, intense Forest honey from Galicia in Northern Spain and aged in Irish oak whiskey casks from Midleton Distillery in Co Cork. These very special casks had been seasoned with single pot still Irish whiskey. We are thrilled with the final flavours of this very special limited edition release.  It’s the very first mead to be aged in Irish whiskey casks.

Lush and honeyed, finished semi sweet with the whiskey tingle very much present, floral and toffee notes, some spice and lingering orchard fruits.

Dark Forest Honey Mead aged in Whiskey Casks from Midleton Distillery

gorgeous traditional mead fermented from a dark, smoky forest honey from Galicia in Northern Spain and aged in a carefully selected American oak whiskey cask from Midleton Distillery in Co Cork. This cask had been seasoned with single pot still Irish whiskey. We adore the final flavours of this very special, initial single cask release.

Finished semi sweet with enticing whiskey aromas, baked apple, coconut and vanilla notes, lingering peach and vanilla finish.

Irish Wildflower Mead

Made from 100% Irish honey, our Wildflower Mead is the first Irish Mead made from Irish Honey in 200 years! We can only get enough to make a small batch so this is a limited release each year. Next release end of April.

A lovely expression of the aromas and flavours of West Cork in the summer. It will transport you to our local countryside with one sip. Pale gold in colour, delicate in its finish, it is best served on its own lightly chilled allowing the soft honeyed notes to linger.