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Our Meads

Atlantic Dry Mead

A traditional mead, made from raw Spanish orange blossom honey, fermented and matured to finish at 12% ABV, off dry with lovely floral, citrus aroma, a long lingering hint of honey and almost no sweetness.

Wild Red Mead

A refreshing melomel style mead is made from honey, tart Wexford blackcurrants and sweet dark cherries, a zesty fruity flavour, tempered with the hint of honey. Finished and matured to 12% ABV and off dry.

Hazy Summer Mead

A seasonal melomel style mead, a six berry celebration of long summer days. Honey muddled with a tumble of ripe summer berries. Fruity, light and refreshing with a beautiful rich pink colour. 11% ABV

Our mead is handcrafted in West Cork in our meadery in Barrack Lane in Kinsale (close to the site of the 1601 Battle of Kinsale). Each batch is carefully mixed, fermented and matured with care and passion and attention to quality.

Mead’s primary ingredient is honey, collected from many diverse botanical sources by nature’s most amazing workers, honey bees. It takes about two million visits to flowers to make one pound of honey and those bees will cover 90,000 kilometres. Kinsale and Spain have close maritime links dating back several centuries and our honey comes from Spain along those same trade routes. We use Spanish orange blossom honey as our single source honey for our traditional style Atlantic Dry Mead.

Our water comes from Innishannon (Inis Eonáin) upriver from Kinsale along the beautiful meandering river Bandon which rises in the Shehy Mountains. We like to think our water gets infused with the salty air of the Wild Atlantic, especially after a winter storm has blown over.

Fruits: Our Wild Red Mead and our Hazy Summer Mead are Melomel style meads where fruit is added to the honey. Our blackcurrants come from Ballykelly Farm in Wexford, home of the famous Jeffares blackcurrants. We bag our solid fruit in fine mesh bags with about 400Kg of fruit in one of our 1000L fermentation tanks – that’s a lot of blackcurrants and red fingers.

Our honey and fruit is mixed with local water and yeast is added and then we sit back and let nature and time turn the honey and fruit into our delicious mead. We bring it to an alcohol level of about 12% and a low residual sugar level that retains the aromas and flavours of the honey.

Our process is a blend of many earlier mead making recipes and modern techniques and equipment. Our meads ferment in about 3-5 weeks, then we let them mature for at least six months. We sample regularly their slowly changing aromas and flavours until they are ready for us to bottle.

We were thrilled to win a gold award in the special choice category at the Free From Food Awards for our meads which are naturally gluten free.