The Story of Kinsale Mead Co

Meet the Team Behind Kinsale Mead

Kinsale Mead Co was founded by Kate and Denis Dempsey in 2016 to rediscover the ancient art of mead making and to create a world-class range of light and refreshing drinks.

They source the best natural ingredients and finish their meads off-dry and wine-strength. They lovingly hand-craft each batch sustainably, with care and passion.

They make their meads at their meadery in Kinsale, the first in Ireland in 200 years. The town holds a special place in their hearts as it was where they were married many years ago.


Their honey comes from Spain along traditional trade routes to Kinsale, particularly the orange blossom honey in their Atlantic Dry Mead. Their Wild Red Mead is a melomel mead type, made from solid fruit including Wexford blackcurrants.

Here's a link to a short radio documentary on RTE Lyric FM here


Kinsale (Cionn tSáile, meaning "Tide Head") is a beautiful historic seaside town in West Cork situated in  a safe anchorage where the Bandon river enters the Atlantic Ocean. It is known today for its historic streetscape, brightly coloured buildings, many gourmet restaurants, yachting, fishing and world glass golf. It has been known for many years as the Gourmet Capital of Ireland.

The town’s charter was granted in 1333 by King Edward III of England. Sitting in a strategic location between Europe and North America, it was an important fishing, military and shipping centre. In 1601, the last of the Spanish Armadas launched against Britain landed in Kinsale to join the Irish rebel forces under the princes, Hugh O’ Neill and Hugh O’ Donnell. The ensuing Battle of Kinsale resulted in the defeat of the Irish and Spanish armies.