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Kinsale Mead Extravaganza – All 7 Meads


The Full Kinsale Mead Hamper contains all seven meads we currently have available. Yes, the whole shelf including the Irish Wildflower Mead. A fantastic experience exploring the versatility and diversity of this fabulous drink. Satisfy your mead curiosity and try them all or give as a wonderful gift. With FREE SHIPPING in Ireland, you’re saving 6% if you buy them all together.

Irish Wildflower Mead. This is a very special, 2023 limited edition mead made from 100% Irish summer wildflower honey from The Chanting Bee Apiary in West Cork. This honey is a lovely expression of the aromas and flavours of West Cork. It will transport you to our local countryside with one sip. Our honeybees roam and forage the hedgerows and blossoms, pollinating and collecting the nectar from hawthorn, wild clover and white blackberry blossom.

Wild Red Mead – Merlot Barrel Aged (12% ABV) is a gorgeous 3 year-old berry mead fermented off dry and silky smooth and matured for the last 12 months in French Merlot wine barrels to add intriguing structure and depth. An exceptional, unique mead, a lively, attractive drink with a decadent richness. Drink of the Year from the Irish Food Writers’ Guild in 2021. Enticing and warm, juicy with bright red and black fruit flavours from the Wexford blackcurrants and dark, sweet cherries. A luxurious, smooth texture with a fruity burst that explodes on the palate, soft low tannins and a clean finish. Delicious served at room temperature on its own or with fine food.

Atlantic Dry Mead – White Port Barrel Aged (12% ABV) is an alluring 3-year-old traditional mead fermented from orange blossom honey, finished crisp and honeyed, matured for the last 12 months in an oak port barrel to add spicy oak depth. A rich and peppery, well balanced mead with a mellow apricot character, rounded with honey and citrus aromatics on the finish. Enjoy this delectable, mead lightly chilled.

Atlantic Dry Mead – Sauternes Barrel Aged (12% ABV) is a gorgeous 3-year-old traditional mead fermented from orange blossom honey, finished silky and honeyed, matured for the last 12 months in French oak wine barrels to add intriguing structure and depth. A fine, unique mead with lingering almond, refreshing citrus and honey notes. Enticing with a bright clean finish and a lovely balance of sweetness and acidity. There’s an initial burst of honey at first, very refreshing, followed by the subtle almond and florals such as honeysuckle and white acacia flowers. Like summertime on the Mediterranean coast. Enjoy this delicious mead lightly chilled.

Note: We can’t ship our limited edition, barrel aged meads to the UK except for Northern Ireland at the moment.

Kinsale Atlantic Dry Mead (12% ABV) is a delicious, off-dry traditional style mead, beautifully crisp with a lovely citrus honey flavour. Best enjoyed lightly chilled or over ice. Popular with whiskey lovers. It has lovely citrus floral aromas and longer lingering hints of honey with almost no sweetness. Refreshingly different and definitely intriguing, it’s a great introduction to traditional style meads. This is the favourite choice for whiskey lovers.

Kinsale Wild Red Mead (12% ABV) is a gorgeous melomel mead fermented off-dry with Wexford blackcurrants, dark cherries and raw honey; an amazingly enticing drink with a beautiful, rich colour. The Irish blackcurrants are beautifully balanced with the dark cherries, tempered over the hint of honey and matured to a very smooth finish. Deliciously smooth at room temperature. Low in tannins, this is popular with wine drinkers.

Kinsale Hazy Summer Mead (11% ABV) is a fabulous, fruity, off-dry berry mead with generous strawberry and raspberry aromas, a lovely burst of summer berries and a smooth, subtle honey finish. Perfect served lightly chilled or over ice or in a sharing jug with frozen berries. It is fermented from raw honey muddled with a tumble of ripe summer berries. Best choice for craft drinkers especially gin or craft beer lovers.

If you would prefer to substitute one bottle for another of the same value, just put a note on the order shipping note and we’ll sort it out.

All gluten free, low in sulfites, 70cl bottles and refreshingly different.


Standard Shipping charge to anywhere in Ireland and the Northern Ireland is FREE if you spend over €90/£85. We have a UPS Express Delivery which usually is delivered the next working day (but may all be slower in peak periods.)

Note: We can’t ship out limited edition Meads or merchandise to the UK except for Northern Ireland. Sorry about that. Full Details page here also lists some suppliers who can ship abroad including to the USA.

Europe and rest of the world

We can deliver to some European countries including Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. Delivery takes up to 14 days for Europe. Deliveries are best try. Whilst we try to maintain a very high standard of service there is always an element of risk in sending alcohol overseas.

The lovely people at Celtic Whiskey Shop in Dublin, Irish Malts in Cork and Master of Malt in the UK ship to many countries worldwide including some USA states, Australia and New Zealand.

Mead deliveries must be signed for and you must be over 18 years old.


You can add a message to us to or to appear on your delivery docket on the Order notes at the bottom of the Checkout Page.

Prices and Gifting

Note we do not include and prices on the delivery docket included with the shipment so great for gifts.

Customer Reviews

Kinsale Mead Co has upped its impressive game another notch with its latest limited-edition release. Based on forest honey fermented with blackcurrants and black cherries, Wild Red Mead – Merlot Barrel Aged is aged for two years, plus one in ex-Merlot barrels. At 12% with generous fruit character and a zingy, off dry finish, it can be enjoyed like a light red wine with charcuterie or salty cheese. – Aoife Carrigy – Irish Independent

Their Atlantic Dry Mead – White Port Barrel Aged  was absolutely stunning – Niall T.

Atlantic Dry Mead – Sauternes Barrel Aged: Floral and scented with layers of honey, toasted nuts and citrus peel. Intriguing and delicious. Try with strong cheeses – it would be great with blue cheese (John Wilson – Irish Times)

Atlantic Dry Mead: First class product. Atlantic Dry Mead is my particular favourite, aroma of blossom and taste of the flower through the honey. (Mark E.)

Wild Red Mead: Not only a beautiful beverage but also top notch customer service. Big thanks to Kinsale Mead Co for providing me with this little bottle of joy! (Malwina T.)

Hazy Summer Mead: Generous fruit character and a zingy off-dry finish, enjoy like a light wine with charcuterie or salted cheese (Aoife Carrigy, Irish Independent)


Store the bottles similar to wine, upright in a cool place away from direct sunlight and they should keep for at least two years.

Once opened, store the bottles upright in the fridge. If you have one of those vacuum pump wine bottle closures that pump out the oxygen, all the better. After that the flavour starts to change a little as the air gets to it. Good to drink still or use in cocktails or cooking.

The Atlantic Dry Mead starts to change in flavour after 7 days. The Wild Red Mead and the Hazy Summer Mead are fine for 2 weeks as there are more natural preservatives from the skins. Then they become more port-like.

Food Pairing

Wild Red Mead – Merlot Barrel Aged shines with food such as roast rack of lamb and rosemary, a rich nut roast or pâté on thin cut toast, Prosciutto or Palma ham or artisan mini sausages or chipolatas.

Atlantic Dry Mead – White Port Barrel Aged shines with food such as smoked salmon crostini, or sushi and sashimi. Great with mackerel or mushroom pate especially if you add a slug into the mix! For a sweet finish try with vanilla fairy cakes or baked cheesecake.

Atlantic Dry Mead – Sauternes Barrel Aged shines with food such as smoked salmon crostini, or sushi or sashimi. Great with mushroom pate especially if you add a slug into the mix! For a sweet finish try with vanilla fairy cakes.

Atlantic Dry Mead is lovely with salty snacks such as olives, roasted nuts, seafood or artisan crisps. Try poaching scallops with a creamy mead sauce or try it with chicken in black bean sauce. For desserts, it’s lovely raspberry and white chocolate sponge, poached fruit such as plums or nectarines or goats cheese.

Wild Red Mead: Great with Italian dishes with a rich tomato sauce or with medieval feast dishes such as roast duck or venison as well as sticky barbecue ribs, sausages and black pudding. Lovely with strong cheeses or good quality chocolate.

Hazy Summer Mead pairs beautifully with spicy chicken wings, a mild Thai red curry or spicy bean stew. Try a light summer salad with raspberry vinaigrette or honey glazed ham and your Christmas Turkey. For dessert we love it with berry pavlova or poured over ice cream.


Our beautiful Barrel Aged label was inspired by the story of the “Wild Geese” Irish who emigrated in waves from Ireland to the continent at the end of the Jacobite wars and settled in France to start trading and making wine. Today, in Bordeaux, you can find the names of those resilient Irish emigrants on the streets and vineyards of the region – Lynch, Barton, Boyd, Phelan – alongside other trading connections to the wine ports of Ireland.

Kinsale in 18th century was a thriving wine port, importing barrels from the France, Spain, Portugal. The harbour and warehouses were full of the finest wines, ports and sherries. In a sense, we are completing the circle, bringing those precious barrels back to Ireland.

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