Kinsale Irish Wildflower Mead


Kinsale Wildflower Irish Mead: This is a very special, limited edition mead made from 100% Irish summer wildflower honey from The Chanting Bee Apiary in West Cork. This honey is a lovely expression of the aromas and flavours of West Cork. It will transport you to our local countryside with one sip. Our honeybees roam and forage the hedgerows and blossoms, pollinating and collecting the nectar from hawthorn, wild clover and white blackberry blossom.

Only available to buy direct from the meadery.

Note: Only available to ship to Irish addresses.

Tasting Notes: This elegant mead is a true expression of a traditional Irish, handcrafted, semi-sweet mead, finished semi-sweet and 11% ABV.

Serve: Pale gold in colour, delicate in its finish, it is best served on its own lightly chilled allowing the soft honeyed notes to linger.

Naturally Gluten Free. Low in sulfites. 70cl bottle

Product Details
Weight 1.5 kg


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