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The Space Between – Poetry by Kate Dempsey


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Kate’s 2016 poetry collection published by Doire Press.

From the Kitchen table to the Periodic Table, from dancing cows to drunken poets, Kate Dempsey puts our loves and lies under a powerful microscope. In poems that sparkle with an indignation tempered with good humour, it is ultimately consoling to know that love conkers (sic) all. – Iggy McGovern, poet

As heard on Arena on RTE Radio.

Drinking Now

This mead wants to have its way with you.
It wants to seduce you with honey notes,
dreams of long, lazy dinners and long lost loves,
warm you, make you smile, lower your defences.
This mead wants to come at you from a different angle,
touch you in unfamiliar places,
your tongue, your mouth, yes, your lips.
See swirling within, the silky undercurrents –
they have something to say.

This mead wants to uncork you,
tickle your taste buds, your fancy, your fantasy.
Sniff it, sip it, gulp and pour it,
there purely for the revel,
the reveal of imaginative insinuations –
crickets on a summer night,
the empty beach at darkfall,
salty waves and salty wives,
the extravagant promises of emotional men.

Now sliding down behind your breast bone,
this mead brings a tingle to your fingers,
a softness to your gaze,
cherry tinges to your cheeks.
It wants to get fresh, to question your reserve.
It blurs the boundaries,
loosens your larynx, maybe later you’ll sing again,
dance to praise the meadmakers,
all hail the honeybees.
Honour the care taken in the making,
sun warmed, bottle aged.
The long finish lingers
like a memory,
like a kiss.

copyright Kate Dempsey

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