Summer is here (kinda!) Time for Hazy Summer Mead*

Kinsale Irish Wildflower Mead and jar of West Cork Honey


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Kinsale Irish Wildflower Mead: This is a very special, limited edition mead made from 100% Irish summer wildflower honey from The Chanting Bee Apiary in West Cork. This honey is a lovely expression of the aromas and flavours of West Cork. It will transport you to our local countryside with one sip. Paul’s honeybees roam the hedgerows and blossoms, pollinating and collecting the nectar from wild clover, white blackberry blossom and hawthorn or mayflower.

We sourced beautiful Wildflower Honey from our beekeeper, Paul Kelly at the end of August 2022 and released the mead in May 2023. A jar of this beautiful honey is included with the mead. Paul’s apple orchard is growing so the 2023 mead also has subtle flavours of the beautiful apple and crabapple blossom.

Tasting Notes: This elegant mead is a true expression of a traditional Irish, handcrafted, semi-sweet mead, finished 11% ABV.

Serve: Pale gold in colour, delicate in its finish, it is best served on its own lightly chilled allowing the soft honeyed notes to linger.

Naturally Gluten Free. Low in sulfites. 70cl bottle.

Note: Only available to ship to Irish addresses including Northern Ireland. Naturally Gluten Free. Low in sulfites. 70cl bottle. While stocks last.


Flat Rate Delivery charge to anywhere in Ireland is €7.95, and to the Northern Ireland is £7.50. FREE Shipping for orders over €90/£85 or 4 bottles. We have a UPS Express Delivery which usually is delivered the next working day.

Note: We can’t ship out limited edition meads or merchandise to the UK except for Northern Ireland. Sorry about that. Full Details page here also lists some suppliers who can ship mead abroad, including to the USA.

Europe and rest of the world

We can deliver to some European countries including Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. UPS rates €20.45 to €25.50. Delivery takes up to 14 days for Europe. Deliveries are best try. Whilst we try to maintain a very high standard of service there is always an element of risk in sending alcohol overseas.

The lovely people at Celtic Whiskey Shop in Dublin, Irish Malts in Cork and Master of Malt in the UK ship to many countries worldwide including some USA states, Australia and New Zealand.

Mead deliveries must be signed for and you must be over 18 years old.


You can add a message to us to or to appear on your delivery docket on the Order notes at the bottom of the Checkout Page.

Prices and Gifting

Note we do not include and prices on the delivery docket included with the shipment so great for gifts.


Store the bottles similar to wine, upright in a cool place away from direct sunlight and they should keep for at least two years.

Once opened, store the bottles upright in the fridge. If you have one of those vacuum pump wine bottle closures that pump out the oxygen, all the better. After that the flavour starts to change a little as the air gets to it. Good to drink still or use in cocktails or cooking.

The Atlantic Dry Mead starts to change in flavour after 7 days. The Wild Red Mead and the Hazy Summer Mead are fine for 2 weeks as there are more natural preservatives from the skins. Then they become more port-like. 

The Wildflower Mead keeps longer than the others as it’s semi-sweet. Up to 4 weeks if there’s any left by then. Similar for the Barrel Aged and Cask Aged Meads.

Food Pairing

This semi-sweet mead shines with food such as Feta-style goat’s cheese, honeyed baklava, a creamy crème brulée or baked New York cheesecake or just as an after dinner sipping.


Silver medal at Blas na hEireann and 1-star Great Taste Award


Ein streng limitierter irischer Met, der nur in unserer Metsiederei oder Online erhältlich ist. Hergestellt aus 100% Sommerwildblütenhonig, der in der Chanting Bee Imkerei in Ring in West Cork gewonnen wird. Dieser elegante Met wird zu einer zarten Süße fermentiert um die Aromen von Hagedorn, Wildklee, weisser Brombeerblüte und irischem Klee in West Cork widerzugeben.


Un idromele irlandese in edizione limitata, offerto solo in vineria ed online. Realizzato con il 100% di miele di fiori di campo estivi dall’apiario The Chanting Bee a Ring in West Cork. Questo elegante idromele viene fatto fermentare così da avere una dolcezza delicata per esaltare i deliziosi aromi del West Cork di biancospino, trifoglio selvatico, fiore di mora bianca e trifoglio.


Un mead irlandais en réserve spéciale, uniquement offert à la meadery. Fabriqué avec 100% du miel de fleurs des champs été de The Chanting Bee Apiary in Ring à West Cork. Cet mead élégant est fermenté à une délicatement doux pour faire ressortir une belle expression des arômes de West Cork de l’aubépine tardive, trèfle, fleur de mûre blanche et noyer. La médaille d’argent aux Blas na hEireann Awards et Great Taste Awards.


Un mead irlandés de edición limitada, solo se ofrece en el meadery y en línea. Hecho con 100% miel de flores silvestres verano de The Chanting Bee Apiary en Ring en West Cork. Este elegante aguamiel es fermentado con delicada dulzura para sacar a relucir una expresión encantadora de aromas de West Cork de espino, trébol silvestres, flor de zarzamora blanca y shamrock.


This Irish Wildflower is something else. I find the taste to be lovely and very much honey. I feel as though I could drink the Irish Wildflower like water. That’s why I’m buying more bottles and I wrote this to ask you to please make more like this one. Here’s hoping you expand and strengthen the Irish Honey industry and all that comes with it. Support Irish Business and Support Irish Bees. Can’t get much better. (John B)

Great Irish Meads, highly recommend trying if you’ve never had Mead before, the Irish Wildflower Mead is fantastic, beautifully sweet with floral flavours (Gaelan M)

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