There are a variety of different tours and experiences in and around Kinsale so it depends what you enjoy. Here’s a couple of suggestions as well as joining us on our Meadery Tour of course!

Brian and Alfie on their boar for wellness on water tours kinsale

Wellness on Water Kinsale boat tour in the harbour and up the river with Brian (and Alfie)

una's foodU cafe on the kinsale harbour

Bring a picnic with your from FoodU on the harbour

food Tour kinsale

Kinsale walking Food Tour with Fran Bonner (also in Cork City) or Suzanne Make sure your stop into Koko’s chocolates.

Bruno corner kinsale

The walking tours are fun exploring the town with Barry or the historical tour (or try the nightly ghost tour)

Charles Fort Kinsale

You can also visit Charles Fort (eat at the Bulman Bar or the food trucks) and wander around James Fort opposite and the Dock Beach, drink at the Dock bar.

Lusitania watch tower old head of kinsale

Drive out to the Lusitania Watch Tower on the beautiful Old Head of Kinsale.