Types of Mead

Begin Your Exploration of the World of Mead

Mead comes in many varieties and can range from dry to medium to very sweet and ABV (% Alcohol) can range from 6% up to 20%.

In its simplest form, it is just honey and water, carefully fermented. The secret lies in the perfect choice of honey, preferably being from a single floral source, and the intricate science of aging to allow the flavours to blend and mature.

Melomel is mead made with honey and fruit, the fruit adding acidity and tannins as well as flavour and colour. Some of the best fruits for melomels include blackcurrant, blackberry, strawberry, raspberry and cherries.

Metheglins are mead with herb, spice or flower additions. Examples include rose, elderflower and hibiscus and spices such as cinnamon, ginger, vanilla and nutmeg.

Meads can also be aged with oak which adds a range of flavour profiles depending on the level of charring of the wood. Chocolate and smoky espresso or vanilla and caramel or coconut, fruit flavours and aromas.

There are also many regional variety of Mead too numerous to list, including tej from Ethiopia, miod pitny from Poland, melovina varieties from across eastern Europe.