Mead - The perfect wedding drink

Mead is know as the Honeymoon Drink. YOu can use it for thoughtful Wedding Favours and Wedding Toasts

Something Old

Mead is the world’s oldest alcoholic drink, referred to as nectar of the gods, ambrosia, honey wine or honeymoon wine.

It is made from fermented honey and water and dates back as far as 6,600 BC. It has been made and shared in Ireland at celebrations for centuries.

Something New

From bee to bottle, in 2017, Kinsale Mead Co opened Ireland’s first new Meadery in 200 years. They handcraft their delicious, light and refreshing mead in small batches from carefully sourced natural ingredients.

Something unique and Irish for your wedding would be mead for a welcome drink, toast, cocktail or miniatures for wedding favours.

Something Borrowed

Mead is known as the honeymoon drink, fermented from honey, it was traditionally drunk at weddings to toast the happy couple. They were gifted a month's supply of mead or a moon-cycle, following the wedding to drink together, celebrate the marriage and bring good luck and happiness.

Hence the name 'Honeymoon.'

Something Deliciously Different

Atlantic Dry Mead is a traditional style mead made from raw Spanish orange blossom honey and fermented off dry to 12% ABV. A lovely citrus, floral aroma and long lingering hints of honey with almost no sweetness. Delicious served chilled or over ice.

Wild Red Mead is a melomel style mead made from cherries, Wexford blackcurrants and Spanish honey and fermented off dry to 12% ABV. Irish blackcurrants beautifully balanced with sweet, dark cherries with a hint of honey and a smooth finish. Lovely at room temperature or try topping up with prosecco or sparkling wine.

Hazy Summer Mead is a seasonal edition mead, a six berry celebration of long summer days. Spanish honey muddled with a tumble of ripe berries.  Light and delicious with a beautiful rich pink colour. 11%ABV


Our miniatures make thoughtful, unique Wedding Favours for your guests. Contact us for box prices.

Choose Kinsale Mead for your welcome drink, cocktail or for the wedding toast. Delicious topped up with a splash of sparkling wine or if you have a winter reception, mull it with warming spices.